About us.

In PARTISANO we believe in the fight against resistance and over structured acting. No matter the level of knowledge of the user or client, we are willing to work with you, so you can reach your goals. We want to perceive ourselves as innovators that think outside the box of the established. That is what we do, combining an orderly and artisanal work with an innovative and unusual vision. Our name not only evokes struggle but also art and healing in our developments. Come with us and see what no one else sees.

We are therefore a product of pop culture and postmodernism that insists on resisting together, as entrepreneurs, governments, citizens to give the best services, that change the bad old ways, respect and cherish the good old ways and open business for the new ways. Our goal is not to sell something to someone, our goal is to invite you to change the world with us. We want to make leading entrepreneurs, leading collaborators, leading public servants. We want to form with them a resistance to bureaucracy, difficulty, expired structure and bad practices.

It seems a cliché, but at all levels, always the first affected is the customer. We don’t talk about “to whom we sell”, we talk about “to whom it sells, who we sell.” The client is not the government, they are its citizens. The customer is not a brand, but its consumers. Our applications are designed to satisfy the customer, since if we achieve this, the buyer will be the first beneficiary and will be satisfied with our services.

We guarantee you will automate your processes, you will free up your resources. and you will focus on delivering better client service, allowing you to concentrate purely on your core business. We’ll help you beautiful interfaces that feel good to use.